Virtual machine migration in Cloudsim

Efficient Virtual Machine migration is the primary task that a researcher considers while framing her research problem. And one of the most haunting tasks is to simulate the proposed algorithm using a cloudsim simulation toolkit.

This article will broadly discuss the basics of virtual machine migration, initial virtual machine allocation to hosts, and then how this initial virtual machine allocation is optimized using specific migration strategies. Throughout the article, I have referred to a couple of important methods(functions) that you should check side by side for better understanding. Now if you have not installed/setup the cloudsim on your computer then you should first follow this step by step guide.

Sequence to allocate a Virtual machine to the simulated host in cloudsim

At the start of the cloudsim simulation scenario, first, the configuration details of the Virtual Machine(VM) and cloudlets are defined and submitted to the DatacenterBroker instance. Now, once the Datacentre instance is up and running in the simulation, the DatacenterBroker instance requests the Datacentre instance to create a virtual machine and allocate it to the desired host. For this, the DatacenterBroker initiates the event using 


from the method “createVMInDatacentre()” , where DatacentreID passed as a parameter.

Now, once the Datacentre is processing, its assigned events and reaches the event call assigned by the DatacentreBroker. Then, it allocates the virtual machines through the “processVMCreate()” method, which intern recognizes the attached Virtual Machine allocation policy and utilizes the “allocateHostForVM()” method and sends an acknowledgment to the DatacentreBroker.

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